mardi 22 octobre 2002

Project Golem 2002

Performance à la Synagogue Jeruzalemska de Prague. "El Golem" composé par Gabriel Sivak et présenté sous forme de duo Piano-guitarre.

interprètes :
Piano : Gabriel Sivak
Guitarre : Gaspar Müller


"Hommage to the Golem" composed by Gabriel Sivak
For guitarre and piano and Jorge Borges taped voice.
First world performance.

Maria Kodama de Borges, widow of the poet, granted permission for the project to use her husband's poem in all its forms and translations. Kodama will also be present during the performance.
Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges was inspired by Scholem when writing his poem "The Golem," which in turn provided the perfect point of departure for the project.